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Toronto - November 24, 2015

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John Vanderkooy gave attendees a review of the papers presented at this year's AES convention in New York. This is always an excellent opportunity to get an overview of the papers presented at the convention, especially for those who couldn't attend.

He discussed 22 papers he felt were most interesting. (He also included a few papers from 138th convention in Warsaw).

Some of the topics included:

- new paradigms for measuring headphone response
- binaural audio with relative and pseudo head tracking
- the teaching of audio to prospective students in the field
- a method for objective evaluation of nonlinear distortion
- loudspeaker rocking modes
- how to reduce wind noise in arrays
- subjective evaluation for surround microphone arrays catered for Auro-3D reproduction system
- detection of high-frequency harmonics in a complex tone
- active transducer protection
- low impedance voice codes or improved loudspeaker efficiency
- state-space modelling of loudspeakers using fractional derivatives
- advancing the forensics of gunshot acoustics
- how to detect a cheating lossless encoder


- predicting the acoustic power radiation from loudspeaker cabinets.

At this point Frank suggested a break.

After the break Jeff Bamford talked about basic networking and protocols (AVB and TSN Ethernet), the DTV audio group, AES 67 (the "O-negative" of audio networking), broadcast topics, and virtual reality 3D audio as well as summarizing a few papers.

Ron Lynch discussed topics related to post production including ATSC 3.0 and MPEG-H audio. He also talked briefly about RADAR's IZ studio, AVID's S6 console, and Corning's Thunderbolt optical cables.

Alan Clayton's talk reviewed the Sound Reinforcement Conference held in Montreal, Canada. This was the first such conference in 25 years, the last being in Nashville in 1988.

The meeting went a bit over schedule but was well received by attendees. The presenters were each given a Toronto AES Certificate of Appreciation and coffee mug.

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