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Southwestern College - September 30, 2015

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The first official meeting occurred on Wednesday, September 30th. Our section Chair introduced the officers to the newer members. In addition, we started an ice breaker due to the amount of new members. The ice breaker consisted of trying to find five things in common (audio related) with someone you have never met. Our intended goal was to have our members introduce someone they have never met, including what they both share in common.

Our introductory portion was then followed by our Vice Chair who discussed in a formal presentation what AES is all about. We included the people who make up AES such as students, associate members, educators, and industry professionals. We explained that AES is a bridge for students to connect with the industry, thus allowing many educational opportunities for any audio student to further their career. Furthermore, we showcased our activities as a section which included traveling, guest speakers, and venue tours. Our presentation concluded with the benefits of becoming a member such as receiving student discounts, along with giving a tutorial on how to register in our student section.

The section Secretary then followed up with what the officers expect from the members. Our main expectation is for the members to stay active by showing up to the meetings. We want to make sure that we continue to grow as a section and attendance will ensure that the members can familiarize themselves with each other. If a member can not attend a meeting, we expect he/she to contact the officers so we can discuss an alternate option on how to make up the absence. Another expectation we have this semester is that we want our members to collaborate with each other, advocating the importance of networking and making connections.

Lastly, our Treasurer concluded the meeting by asking the returning members to discuss their experiences with the student section. We also asked for opinions on ways we could improve. The returning members were content with their experiences, however they did give us their feed back of wanting more interactive actives as well as more studio tours. We hope to improve from the constructive criticism we received.

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