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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 1, 2015

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Today the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences hosted the CRAS Gear Expo 2015. After the sad news of this years Potluck Audio Conference being canceled, CRAS decided to put together a Gear Expo and the turnout was amazing! About 180 guests in total!

Some of the manufactures that were involved include: SSL, Telefunken, AEA, BAE, Izotope, Auralex, Rode, Mojave, Cloud, Amplified Parts and Native Instruments.

Here's the layout of the event:
We had 4 studios and our Live Sound Venue up and running with sessions in them demoing the different products of the manufactures starting with (Studio A -SSL) which had AEA, Telefunken, BAE and Cloud products all on display with a 7 piece band session and CRAS Grad/Grammy Award Winning Engineer Darrell Throp Engineering the session. Next in (Studio B - Neotek) we had Rode Microphones on display with a singer/songwriter playing guitar, singing and then overdubbing bongos. In (Studio C - API) we had Mojave and Cloud with a 5 piece bland playing and in (Studio D - C|24/Surround Sound) we had Native Instruments displaying some of their latest and greatest products! Finally in our live sound venue we had SSL set up with AWS and a Necleus consoles on display. Later in the day Eric Smith, Founder and Owner of Auralex, held a seminar in a classroom the was standing room only. Outside of the studios and throughout the hallways of CRAS the different vendors had their booths setup displaying products and giving away swag. The event was a huge success and at the end of the event all of the guest got to participate in a raffle where all the manufactures involved donated a prize to give away.

The CRAS AES played a role in advocating and participating in this event starting with the news that the Western Regional Vice President of AES, David Scheirman, was going to be joining us at the Expo! CRAS AES volunteers and office holders were at this event from setup to teardown and our current Student President of AES, Michael Fong, got to do some major networking. For most of the day David Scheirman and I (David Kohr/CRAS AES Faculty Co Advisor) were at the AES booth talking to the guests about AES and passing out information about the organization.

Almost of the manufactures involved are interested in sponsoring a CRAS AES event by donating products to be won or raffled off with all of the proceeds going toward the CRAS AES foundation. We also spoke with Amplified Parts about hosting a Spring Reverb build so be on the lookout for our upcoming events from presentations and clinics to studio tours, gear builds and mix contests the CRAS Student Chapter of AES always has something going on!

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