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Southwestern College - July 6, 2015

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On Thursday, July 2nd, our former Treasurer Daniel Gomez was able to give us a tour at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Daniel has been working in live sound at the fair for five years and was also a student at Southwestern College under Professor Henry. Daniel showed us how he set up the stage that he managed and how he implements the use of A/V technology like a wireless Behringer. We were fortunate to be there during a songwriter's performance and were able to see how he mixed wirelessly with an iPad. Daniel was kind enough to show us the other performing stages during his break, presenting the AES members with many possible opportunities in live audio.

Tuesday, July 6th, was the day before Comic-Con officially started. The crowds of people have already began to flood the streets around the Convention Center. We met up with Mr. Ken Freeman outside of the Convention Center to get our wristbands, which granted us entry into Hall H where famous tv shows, movies, and actors would reside for the duration of the event. Inside the hall, Mr. Freeman showed us many of the tools/equipment he and his team use in order to have a successful event. Our AES members were in awe of how much preparation went into making Hall H successful. Mr. Freeman later introduced us to his team that helps make all of it possible. Every member of that team had something insightful to teach us, including many do's/dont's that we have heard from Mr. Freeman and Professor Henry. Lastly, our favorite part of this experience was seeing the devotion Mr. Freeman and his team had to make this event a perfect experience. These professionals demonstrated the same perseverance and dedication to the show that the San Diego Comic Con attendees put to their fandoms.

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