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Universidad de San Buenaventura - June 25, 2015

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On Thursday 25st June was held the end of the second recording and mixing competition organized by the sectional AES San Buenaventura. Between the jurors for category "Traditional Studio Recording" we had the participation of Humberto Chaparro (Sony Music chief engineer for 20 years, he has worked with artists such as Diomedez Diaz, Jorge Celedón, Jorge Oñate, Joe Arroyo, among others) and Daniel Bustos (sound engineer, he has worked with artists such as Choquibtown, Martina la Peligrosa, Diamante Eléctrico, among others). For category "Sound for Visual Media" we had the participation of Germán León (producer and audio post producer with over 20 years of experience) and Alejandro Jaramillo (sound engineer with specialization in Berklee College of Music, creator and director of company Amniotica).

The call for the competition was open for a month, and we received 15 different jobs in 2 categories framed by the global criteria used in all AES Recording competitions: Traditional Studio Recording and Sound for Visual Media. Prior to the scheduled appointment for the awards ceremony, jurors received a cd with the different works submitted so each one of them could appreciate in their own studios the works received and have their own free judgment about external technical considerations.

At the end of the competition, jurors and public heard in the auditorium the last minute of each work to contextualize the content of the contest and later, a private discussion among the jurors was conducted to define a first, second and third place of each category.

The jurors chose the following works as winners:
Category 2 - Traditional Studio Recording
First place: Rafael Santamaría.
Second place: Stevens Amador, Sebastian Oliveros y Santiago Calle.
Third place: Brayan Carvajal.

Category 4 - Sound for Visual Media
First place: Victor Peñaranda, Clen Mosquera, Mateo Hernández y Brian Alarcon.
Second place: Andrea Munevar, David Medina, Elizabeth Perez y Donaldo García.
Third place: Fernando Lagos, Jairo Cubillos, Jeisson Sastre y Stephani Herrera.

This is the second time the event was made within the faculty, fully managed by the committee AES San Buenaventura, who wishes to express their appreciation to the jurors for their attention and willingness to be part of the event, SoundLogics and RetroKnob for selflessly supporting such initiatives for educational purposes and each of the participants to put their effort and talent in the development of each project.

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