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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 14, 2014

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Todays meeting is the further announcement for our PRG event. The operations manager of PRG, Adam Parish, who is a CRAS graduate, is bringing 3.5 million dollars worth of audio, lighting, and broadcasting equipment for our current students to have the opportunity to unload, set up, and use in a real life setting. The type of event we will putting on, is 'corporate event style'. These events can be for any size audience, They are usually used for product releases but are filled with entertainment to keep the audience psyched. The event will consist of many jobs and sub-events such as bands, speakers and gameshows with real prizes. Students who decide to participate will be required to plan the show, learn new things, and rehearse the show as well as perform their tasks during the show.
Tonight was aimed at informing the students and creating the necessary hype for the event. Jared spoke about some of the previous events that PRG has provided us. His speech was accompanied by videos that displayed time-lapse of previous events and PRG's own videos of their profession. Students that attended the previous event also helped by sharing their experiences about the jobs they performed. Near the end of our meeting all attendees were able to ask as many questions as they liked, and had them answered to the best of our knowledge.
All in all this meeting was a success. We already have boosted the amount of students signed up to help each day, with the most being 46 in one day. And we hope that this is only the beginning.

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