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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - June 5, 2014

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Today's event is very unique, in a sense that we take a look at audio in a different field that most of us may have not have considered. That field would be Forensic Audio, who Bryan Nuemeister was kind enough to present it to us for the night. He began by showing us some of the techniques and devices used in cleaning up audio from phone calls and identifying certain frequencies.

He stated the Nyquist Theorem (which to no doubt everyone in the room already knew about) had a big part of forensics using it to identify transients in certain edited recordings. He then later went on to mention that he took part in designing sound FX for movies, which in a way did not surprise me. For the recordings it was noted that they did not use fancy expensive microphones like Neumanns. The reason being, "They were to fragile, and couldn't handle the SPL of guns." Instead, they went for the Sennheiser shotgun, and e835 microphones that can handle well and have the durability.

Mr. Bryan eventually went into how he got into the job he is in now. He stated that he didn't exactly go into the field on purpose. However, he somehow managed to get into the workspace by doing what he had always done. Since he had always worked on audio, particularly in Television and broadcast, it helped him get into the right mind set of how to go about utilizing his skills. In the end he stated the question, "How does someone get into Forensic Audio?...I don't know, I just fell into it."

Later into the night, Eli Salazar a Conservatory instructor asked, "What was the pinnacle of your whole career thus far?" He went on to recall many of the experience with being on a helicopter with a renowned pilot named Jerry Foster. One story was of how he was involved in a car accident on the free way with the same helicopter which somehow collided with a car. This incident essentially determined his career change.

Throughout Bryan's career he managed to earn himself 39 Emmy awards for technical excellence, along with a plethora of other awards. We learned that he has worked with the US government and groups such as Seal Teams 1, 2 & 6, SOCOM, DEVGRU and is currently the senior technical adviser of Cow Town Range, which is an 88 acre facility for special ops training. Needless to say, Bryan has seen and heard more than most.

All in all this presentation was very informative and was delivered excellently by Bryan. We look forward to hearing from Bryan in the future and as always, the meeting was inspiring and educational!

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