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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 15, 2014

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In today's event we started out by watching a video of what not to do when setting up and making a home studio. While the video was entertaining, Jay began going into the mentality of how to map out a frame work without spending a fortune.
Jay began recalling his very own home studio build. It started out with a slide show of what looks to be a normal room in his house. Then slowly progressing from a normal room into a control room, each slide explaining the steps taken to get to the state it is in. With each progressing slide there was a "show and tell" section explaining each material used within the pictures, while the material was being passed around for us to inspect. An important $4,000.00
It was definitely interesting hearing how Jay managed to build his own studio. For example, like acquiring a drum shield from a church that didn't need it anymore, and for a bargain too.
He then passed around several building materials used in the construction of his home studio. He explained what the materials were, where he used them and why.
The meeting was definitely educational and inspirational to all who attended. Jay Phillips is a great instructor with a lot of knowledge.

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