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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - April 17, 2014

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Today at CRAS, the students had the pleasure of listening one of our instructors, Paul Richards, speak about the topic of mobile recording. He gave the students a great idea of what mobile recording is and went through different types of mobile recording gigs that are available in the industry. He went through different techniques and styles of mobile recording. He gave the students an opportunity to write down useful notes with a slide show and bullet points and gave the students a nice visual of the microphone placement techniques in different environments and scenarios like choirs and live bands, equipment that is typically used in one of these gigs, and a basic and general idea of the different sounds that are expected during a mobile recording gig. Paul also brought with him some of the gear he uses at some of his mobile recording gigs to show the students examples of the equipment used.
Paul proceeded to giving the students very useful and informative tips on how to score the gigs. He focused a lot of the subject of customer service by showing the students a list of benefits of mobile recording and benefits for the bands or customers that you work for in a gig. He explained to the students the difference between getting a customer interested by making them comfortable and being pushy and pushing customers away. Paul even brought some recordings that he has done on previous gigs to play in the PA to give the students an idea of what sound is expected from the clients.
Paul ended the event by answering the students questions and giving the students the opportunity to be a little more educated on a personal level and understand the concept better for themselves. Again, the students left the event very informed and a little more educated.

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