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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - April 3, 2014

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Today, in the CRAS AES world, we had the pleasure of listening to one of our ex classmates, Justin Foley, talk about his experiences during his internship at Blackbird Studios via Skype. Our Co-Advisor, Jimmy, began the meeting by giving us a little bit of a background story of Justin and the positions that he held in AES while he was a student here at CRAS. He also filled us in on some interesting facts about the studio where he is currently interning, and a little bit of the studios history and the reputation it has in Nashville, Tennessee.
When it was time, we gave Justin a call over Skype. At first we had a little trouble with our audio. He could see us, and we could see him, he just couldn't hear us and wasn't getting any audio signal from our PA. Luckily, we did some trouble shooting and got things back on track right away. We started out the Skype session by asking him some basic questions about his internship experience at Blackbird Studios. He really painted a picture of what he has experienced and the things he had the opportunity of doing on this internship. We all got a good sense of the environment that he was placed in.
After about a few minutes of interviewing him, he had an issue with the computer that we were using for the session. We had to restart the computer and got back on track. Fortunately we got the ball rolling after only a few minutes. After a few more questions about his internship, Jimmy passed the microphone to the students and he had an opportunity to ask him things that we wanted to know. He told us a lot of funny stories and gave us very helpful tips on interning.
The Skype sessions that we have are one of the most educational meetings that we have. The students always leave the meetings motivated and having a great sense of what to expect when we leave the school and being even more motivated to try hard in school and get that dream internship.

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