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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 29, 2014

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Day 6 was finally the day of the event! All of the students were very excited to finally get the show going and even for some of us to perform! We met at the live sound room at 1:30 PM to set everything up and get the ball rolling. The students did a quick run through of the show and made sure all of the equipment was working properly and that the students knew their equipment. The students also helped set up the equipment for the Sol' Ride, the band that was going to open the show for the students of CRAS. We also did a sound check, and placed all of the microphones in their proper spot in order to have a quick load in and load out.

With a few hours to spare, the participating students who were going to perform, had the opportunity to practice their performances before the show started. Some students went to MIDI lab to practice with their scratching with their DJ equipment, other students just got together and warmed up for the cypher.

When the time came, the students put on their head sets, got to their stations and got everything going. The MC of the event did a great job creating a hype for the band Sol' Ride, which was the first performance of the night. At the beginning of the night, we had a few feedback issues. Luckily, it was very discrete and had minimal impact on the show. The students acted quick and equalized the feedback out. When the band finished, the stage crew helped the band unload and made sure the next performers were all set up and ready to go. The stage crew did a great job keeping everything on time.

The MC introduced the next performer, which was a hilarious stand up comedian, Kevin Gassman. Gassman is known for his radio show "Driving With Gass" and his podcast show "Going Global With Gass, Man!". Kevin did a great performance for the students and got the audience laughing the entire time. The students had a blast and really enjoyed his performance.

After the Kevin Gassman left the spotlight, we had a great game of Jeopardy. The MC asked the audience some questions and whoever got it right, got a 25 dollar gas card. After about 7 questions, the students got a 10 minute intermission. During the intermission, the students took a breather and took the opportunity to get something to drink and a quick snack. Then it was back to work. The next three performances were DJs. The first DJ did a great job getting this part of the event started, he had two MCs by his side who were there to keep the audience going and create excitement within the crowd. When the next DJs turn came up, he went on stage and literally threw the previous DJ off the stage along with his MCs for the show. Obviously no one got hurt and everyone was in on the act to add some humor to the show. Once that DJ finished his set, our co-advisor, Jimmy Naron, participated in the show and threw him off stage and got on his equipment. Jimmy had a great performance and had a lot of low end coming through the speaker. He ended his set by surprising the crowd and twerking for the audience. That definitely got the crowd laughing and everyone really enjoyed his set.

Next, the MC rounded up 6 students and we had an awesome cable wrapping contest. Each student got an XLR and wrapped them while our Project Staff judged the winner. While the students wrapped, the participating students played a great song through the PA, written by one of our students about cable wrapping. The winner of the cable wrapping contest got 2 free tickets to a movie and a $10 gift card for the movies. The students had a blast and really enjoyed the friendly competitive vibe of the show.

Finally, the last performance was up, the performance everyone was waiting for. The Cypher. This performance was the perfect way to get everyone relaxed after a hard day of working for the event. All of the students behind the stage, the sound boards, the cameras danced and had a great time while the other students freestyle rapped on the stage.

After the event, the MC dismissed the show and the students got in a group after the show while we discussed how we thought the show went. Adam gave everyone honest feedback about how the show was ran today. We went through all of the stations and graded each of them while Adam gave us feedback on how we could have made things better. Overall, he gave the students a B- on how we did things. Everything went smoothly and we did a great job keeping the show going. Everyone went home with more knowledge and a great idea of how the real world audio industry will be. It was definitely a motivating motivating experience. Now it was time to go home and rest for the next day to load out.

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