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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 28, 2014

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Day 5 was rehearsal day! Today is the day that the participating students finally get a sense of how the whole event was going to run. The students finally got to run the gear for the show and got the ball rolling for tomorrow night. We started off the meeting by doing another quick run through of the equipment and schedule of the show.
Once everyone refreshed their minds, we got down to business and started the rehearsal. The goal for the day was to run through the 4 hour event 4 times by the end of the day. Overall everything went smoothly until the air conditioning unit gave us an unpleasant surprise in the middle of the rehearsal. Water fell from the ceiling right on to some power amps on the stage. Luckily everyone reacted quick enough to save the gear and dried everything off. Once the situation was taken care of, the show went on and ran smoothly.
The students got a genuine, and real sense of what happens in the business. Overall, today was a productive and fun day. We are all excited for tomorrow.

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