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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 27, 2014

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Day 4 of the PRG Set Up was the Program day. We started off the meeting by discussing, in depth, what was going to be done in the time between the performances. We brain stormed ideas for what we were going to show through the monitors on the sides of the stage and in the center of the stage. After running through a few ideas, the students split off and worked on slide shows, videos, audio samples to run through the PA while the performers set up and keep the audience entertained and involved. Another priority of today, was getting down the scrips for the MC and organizing the time slots for the show. We planned everything down to the second.
Once everyone knew exactly what was going down, we cracked down on the equipment. The participating students split off to their own stations and got a more, in depth, and hands on learning experience with the equipment. The students learned their roll in the event and are now ready for rehearsal tomorrow. As the day of the event gets closer, the excitement grows.

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