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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 26, 2014

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Day 3 of PRG set up was another very productive day. We started out the meeting by testing out the equipment. We ran video through the video monitors, played a few minutes of the movie Pacific Rim on the projector and tested the sound. We made sure all the signals were coming out of where they were supposed to.
After all the equipment was tested, we all got together and Adam gave the students an awesome lecture about what its like to be in the live sound business. He really painted a picture for the students. He spoke about what its like living in a van, touring, and dealing with promoters and other companies. He also gave us tips on working in the business.
Later on in the meeting, we got down to business and made all of the decisions final. We finalized all of the students final positions, roles for the event, and time slots. We drew out a time sheet and wrote in all of the performances, entertainments, and compromised our ideas.
Today was a great day to give the students peace of mind and confidence that the event will run smoothly.

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