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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 22, 2014

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On this special event, we had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Allen W. Rohe from the Tinnitus Foundation, who specializes in audiology and audiology technology, at Tri-City Audiology in Tempe Arizona. Tri-City Audiology has offered its services for over 30 years in the east valley. These services include comprehensive audiological assessment, hearing aid evaluations, musician's ear protection and monitoring systems, tinnitus consultation and management, etc.
While we visited the clinic, Dr. Rohe showed us to the clinics very own anechoic chamber. This anechoic chamber was designed to test frequency responses of patients ears. The students had the opportunity to sit in while our co-advisor, Jimmy Naron got his ears tested in the anechoic chamber.
After Jimmy got his ears tested, we got watch Dr. Rohe make a mold out of Jimmy's ear canal. It was interesting to see the putty-like material be injected deep into his ear. As we waited for the material to dry, he explained the importance of taking care of our most important pair of tools in the audio industry. He also talked about how in-ear monitors worked and even showed us an example of what they look like. After a few minutes passed and the material dried, he wiggled it out of Jimmy's ears and we got to see the mold of the inside of Jimmy's ear canals. Eventually, these molds will be made into professional grad ear plugs. Once the molds were completely dry, the molds were passed around, and everyone got a close view of what they look like.
Dr. Rohe proceeded to give us a brief tour of the clinic. He showed us some of the equipment he used to treat patients, he gave us a quick demonstration of how an ears frequency response is tested, and even got to test out a sample of what in-ear monitors sound like.
Overall, the tour was very informative. The students left the clinic with a sense of cautiousness for their ears health and a very educational experience.

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