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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 20, 2014

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Intern Boot Camp at CRAS, is and event that is organized by staff members at the school, 3 to 4 times a year, to simulate a strict, fast pace work environment in the audio industry for the students. During our Intern Boot Camp, students who participated, were separated into 4 groups and went off to 4 different stations which simulated different scenarios that are relevant to the audio industry. In this event, students play the roll of a new intern, while the staff plays the roll of demanding, short tempered, managers, who expects everything to be done flawlessly. At the end of the event, the groups were given scores based on efficiency, accuracy, listening skills, attention, to detail, group effort, and attitude. Every group had a chance to experience each station as they rotated every 15 minutes.
One simulation took place in our live sound room. In this scenario, the promoter of the event gave the new interns a specific list of tasks that needed to be done. This involved setting up gear on the stage in a specific layout, setting up specific microphones on specific instruments, and setting up chairs in a specific way for an audience of 30 people. The interns had 15 minutes to choose a group leader and assign themselves tasks to make sure everything went smoothly and done correctly. When they were done, the next group had to tear the gear down and put the chairs back in their place for the next group to set everything up.
Another station took place in our Neotek control and live room. This one simulated the set up process of a recording studio who had an artist on the way to the studio, expecting to walk in and record with no delay. These interns also had 15 minutes to assign a group leader and assign themselves tasks that were given by the studio manager. These tasks involved cleaning the tape machine, making sure the equipment was set up, plugged in, and ready to go. When the interns called the time, the next group had to come in and tear down the set up.
The third station was placed in the reception area of the school. The interns in this scenario were in charge of planning a studio party. They had to go on their lap tops and find prices for beverages, food, and other party favors. The interns had to present the manager with a list of prices and options by the end of the 15 minutes that they had.
The last station took place in the staff lunch room at the school. Here the interns had to go to the other stations and provide the managers with food and drinks. They took down orders while they went and prepared the meals in the lunch room. They were provided with gloves, plates, and actual snacks. At the end of the 15 minutes. They had to clean up and leave the room spotless.
After the groups finished at every station, they met in the live sound room for their final scores and tips from the staff on how to prepare for the real thing. The students received a lot of feedback and took notes for the future.

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