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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - February 20, 2014

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Tonight we talked via Skype with a beloved conservatory graduate, Maverick. This was the first time we have done a Skype session with AES @CRAS and with it's successful turnout and outcome, we are expecting to have many more sessions in the future.
Maverick, or Baby T as some people call him, spoke a lot of the school and his fondness for the 24/7 hour access. During his 10 cycle program, you could find maverick in the halls almost every night and every day. "I never left the place, and when I was tired I just found a dark corner and passed out for a couple hours" he said. "The project staff sometimes forced me to go home and get some sleep. All in good spirits of course"
"For those going through the program, What did you feel best prepared you here at the conservatory?" Paul asked maverick
"First of all having a school open 24 hours a day was absolutely amazing. A combination of that and the successful compelling teachers at the conservatory who genuinely want you to learn and to push you to new levels of industry know how. Teacher who say you can do it and you can do it whenever you want!" said Maverick. Later he went on about describing the industry, and how some teachers are hard because that is what the industry is like. There is no room for messing up. His advice was that if if you mess up, let them teach you and help you break down what you need to do to make it better
Then Maverick went on to tell us about how his success in New York city came about. He said he never even did an official internship with a studio or stage, but he did primarily freelance work. He described the importance of networking and solidified it with his stories of success. Now he is about to start working live sound at Devine Faith Ministries in Atlanta.
Students left this meeting feeling inspired and ready to work hard for their time still left here at the conservatory.

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