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Universidad de San Buenaventura - February 19, 2014

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On Wednesday, February the 19th was held the conference "Dynamic Range: analog phase" in charge of Engineer Hugo Villegas in "Guillermo de Ockham " building of the "Universidad de San Buenaventura", Bogotá. This conference is originally comprised of three sections, each of which carries around 4 hours. However, for practical reasons, only the first part of this, which was the concept of dynamic range in the analog world was made.

The Engineer began the conference talking about basic concepts as "signal" and "system", making it clear that the entire audio technology has evolved from these and its correct understanding. Similarly, explained the importance of being able to understand the proper representations in time and frequency of a signal and how these together allow a proper analysis and treatment of a signal, the representation of the effective value of a signal changing over time, and other technical concepts frequently used in the audio, but that usually is not certain about its nature.

With this theoretical introduction, went on to explain the concept of dynamic range, defining and explaining why this has been misunderstood, confusing it with similar concepts. It was shown how the dynamic range historically has generated different trends in audio and music and how even today is a matter of vital importance for the proper treatment of the audio. With the help of an interactive presentation, the engineer gave examples on optimizing the dynamic range in the interaction of transducers and gain stages, all with proper conceptual support previously exposed. It was also used an oscilloscope and different signal preamps to show practically the examples given. The SPL preamps used in the conference were arranged courtesy of SoundLogics

This conference was supported by AES San Buenaventura Sound Engineering Faculty at the Universidad de San Buenaventura, Bogotá.





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