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Argentina - December 9, 2013

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By Indio Gauvron. Invited guest: Ramón Maschio
In his workshop, keynote speaker Indio explained how stereophonic sound enriches the sonic information perceived as opposed to a mono take, defining the elements that contribute to the spaciality in sound as well as the human capacities to attain aural direccionality in the horizontal and vertical axes. For this matter, stereo playback was also compared to other multi-speaker configurations.
Different microphone arrays for stereo recordings where mentioned, also explaining the way in which each of this forms will enhance the stereophonic perception and the degree of monophonic compatilibity in each case.
Once inside the studio room, and ORTF configuration was implemeted to record a version of Enrique Maciel's "La Pulpera de Santa Lucía" for four guitars, placing guitarist Ramón Maschio in all four different spots for doing a take of each of the musical lines. From this, a few mixing tecniques for correcting levels and matching the stereo fields were mentioned.

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