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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - January 16, 2014

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Tonight, the CRAS AES Student Chapter had the pleasure of welcoming four CRAS graduates, who came to speak to students about their experiences in the industry. The graduates included Andrew Monheim, formerly of Blue & Manley, now he is a Freelance Engineer and operates his own studio Andromiden, Maggie O'Brien, who works for Blue Microphones, Wil Anspach, an engineer at East West Studios, and Rob Albritton, who works for My 103.9 Radio, Phoenix. Greg Steffus, the placement coordinator at the Conservatory, led the interview process and asked the grads questions about their experiences. They talked both of the successes they've had and also the mistakes they've made. Some of the musicians the grads have worked with include Alice Cooper, Metallica, and Slayer. Some advice graduate Andrew Monheim gave is to experience as much gear as you can. A good way to achieve this is to rent gear and play around with it, so you can get used to working with new equipment. William advised student to always communicate, but be professional and talk to people on the phone, don't text. There's more room for misunderstanding through text. After the graduates shared their stories, the floor was then opened to Q&A. More advice was given, such as keeping a humble attitude. Maggie talked about what she looks for in an intern, which is learning as much as they can and exposing themselves to different parts of the company. Rob said to always give 100%, and in your internship, everything is a test. This was a very successful panel and many students were encouraged to maintain their focus!

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