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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - December 14, 2013

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At tonights meeting, the CRAS AES Student Chapter participated in a microphone build! The build was moderated by CRAS instructor Jeff Thomas, via PDF instructions and video. The microphone the students had the opportunity to build was an omnidirectional, small diaphragm condenser microphone, most commonly used as a room mic. The specs were similar to that of a TC30K by Earthworks. Upon arriving, students received a bag of parts. Inside the bag were three resistors, three capacitors, two wires, a capsule, a female XLR, and solder. There were over 15 stations set up that students could use to build their microphones. Of the 36 participating students, most were successful in making their microphones work. The build was a great way for the students to learn the technical side of microphones, and helping them better understand how they work.

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