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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 31, 2013

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At tonights meeting CRAS AES hosted a Halloween Cypher with DJ Stretch! At this event students were able to learn how to hook up all the live sound equipment in order to make the event happen. Connecting new gear like the Protools & DJ rig helped students learn how to troubleshoot and work together. Once everything was hooked up the fun began! Students were welcomed to walk up to the mic at anytime and rap, tell a poem & say some spoken words with the accompaniment of DJ Stetch's beats. We also had guest DJ Jimmy Naron throw down some beats for students to rap over. This was a great opportunity for students to show off there musical talent and get some words off their chests! At the end of the night students were able to take a recording of the protools session home with them to mix. Overall the night was very successful and so much fun for everyone!

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