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Argentina - August 24, 2013

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Andrés Mayo: "Mastering for CD, DVD and vinyl"

As encompassing and complete as it could be, Mayo presented the basic characteristics of mastering audio whether for CD, DVD or vinyl, highlighting the pros and cons in each format coming even from their own geometry (as in vinyl records) to the difficulties in the calibration of playback systems (as in a surround sounding DVD disc). For longer than three hours, all too different examples from mono, stereo and 5.1 recordings were played presenting examples of hit and miss, only to show that the mastering process itself should not be seen as an error-repairing stage but as a platform to polish the virtues in a good mix. Q&A was intense afterwards in a session that could have gone on and on.

Iván Markovic: "Workshop — Recording and editing classical music"

Markovic's approach to this subject aimed at showing the dynamics in the relationship between producer and engineer when doing a recording for classical music, as well as the overall criteria for making elections and edits. For this only, two activities followed: the capturing of five full takes of a music piece's first movement as played by the La Rueda De La Luna quartet, and its further edition.
The audience could follow the session thru the score so as to be able to draw an opinion on each take that was played. Advanced editing techniques were shown, such as the spectral correction tool found in iZotope's RX software.
To top it all, the very same piece of music was heard as captured in the past at a different and much better sounding venue only to provide the means for a friendly debate.

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