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Argentina - August 22, 2013

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Juan "Cana" San Martín: "Psychoacoustic as a tool for mastering"

All in tune with the Convention's main topic, Sound and Sound Violence, keynote speaker Cana San Martin led to a discussion about the cognitive mechanics of the human hearing system and some of the negative effects of prolonged exposure to high levels of sound pressure. During his speech a fluid Q&A took place as the audience were treated to different sound samples for various types of sounds and textures.
Videos were shown explaining the processes and techniques to achieve 'larger sounds' without noticeably degrading the audio quality at the mastering process, studying the effects on the cochlea and neurons. San Martin's focus proved also to be artistic as he mentioned binaural processed and aural exciters. Other topics included the specific means for sound enhancement for low profile speakers, and the uses and adjustments ofmdithering during and after the mastering session.

Martín Díaz Velez: "Bytes, bits & Beats"

Starting from the beginning of it all, as an electrical impulse generated by a transducer gets transformed into binary data, Díaz Velez's presentation focused on best practices for system configuration and maintenance as far as DAWs are concerned. The concept of cloud computing and its advantages for audio and audio professionals was also brought to the table. For a conclusion, the idea of making the most out of the digital tools that we commonly possess by studying and understanding their way of working was stressed.

Indio Gauvron: The historical evolution of surround sound"

Understanding how and for what purpouse some technological developments took place is important to get to know more about the tools we use each day. Gauvron put under the scope all historical-technological formats ranging from the telephone up to the latest 22.2-channel audio system, companion of ultra high definition video transmissions.
Phonograph, téàtrophone, wireless transmissions, magnetic recordings, optical impressions of sound, audion, spatial sound, monophonic playback, stereo, Fantasound, LP, Cinerama, quadraphonic sound, ambisonic, LCR, LRS, ambiophonic, LCRS, digital, ProLogic, CD, THX, DTS, SDDS AC3, 7.2, 10.2, 22.2; it was all in there.

Federico Miyara: "Uncertainty in acoustic measurements: sources and calculations"

The Laboratory for Acoustics and Electroacoustics from the Engineering College at the University of Rosario together with the Society of Acoustics in Argentina and the AES Argentina Section provided a presentation where the diverse sources of doubt and uncertainty associated with acoustic measurement, both in the lab as in the field, were addressed. How this can be estimated and minimized thru precautions was also discussed.

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