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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 17, 2013

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At tonights meeting CRAS AES hosted an Impulse Response Clinic with featured guest Jason Robey. In this clinic students learned how to used Impulse Response Utility software to create there own convolution reverb presets to use in Logic Pro. Convolution reverbs analyze the reflection and frequencies of loud sounds with sharp transients to create the natural reverb sound of a specific room. Allowing the sound you apply it to, to sound as though it was recorded in that room. This software also allows you to see how every frequency in the audio spectrum acts according to the room you are in. Students were able to learn different ways to position there mic's and speakers to get different sounds from a room. One way is to face the mic's above the speakers facing the same direction so they are directly interacting with one another. After recording a tone being played back in the room you then save the reverb it and open up logic. From there you load the space designer plug-in in logic and open your impulse response into the IR sample tab. Then you can play around with the preset as you desire to create the sound you like! Overall the clinic was very informative and helped open the horizons for students to be even more creative while mixing!

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