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Central German - August 30, 2013

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Some latest news on the sound system of Berlin Friedrichstadt Palast
for multipurpose use with Thomas Heidel und Reiner Chemnitius

The 103rd AES meeting brought together some experts who wanted to hear more about the sound system installations in the hall with a seating capacity of almost 1895. The authors reported on the new technical facelifting which included the total technique for the stage, lighting and mechanics, sound system and roomacoustical improvements. The Friedrichstadt Palast show theater became recently the place for Berlinale with the widest screen in Berlin theaters of more than 24m. Thomas Heidel explained the many measures to avoid disturbing sound reflections, e.g. from the front stage to the back of the hall and vice versa. The City of Berlin called in Dr. Reiner Chemnitius as consulting engineer for design and change of the sound system and media technology using digital based audio routing for all audio channels separately for more than 80 loudspeakers. Thomas explained other input channels for wireless microphones, processors, filters and measurement equipment. Mixing desks are included for the orchestra which played left, right and in the center of the stage simultaneously. The sound was excellant. Thomas reached a balance for a stereophonic reproduction for almost all seats left, right und middle. Many fills were therefor installed. Every new show needs a complete new setting, Thomas stated. With audio routing all changes are easily to handle. The big advantage of routing is the great variety of possible changings in every line. Therefore, mixing desks are replaced by PCs. It is easy to connect lines and listen to single loudspeakers or groups of speakers. Movies for Berlinale require additional loudspeakers, e.g. behind the screen for at least cinemascope with 4 channels including sound from above. For six channel reproduction left and right must to be added. Latest installation were broadband columns along the front stage to provide sound for the first rows.
The meeting was combined with a round trip to see the installation, the stage, the places for the three orchestras, the open control place with a 6m long console and the backstage mith water basin, ice surface and movable stage platforms. The participants work mainly in other theaters in Berlin, such as State Opera, Komische Oper, Musical theater. The installations were planed by Dr. Chemnitius and built by company Amptown, using Meyer Sound components.

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