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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - October 3, 2013

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On a daily basis students hear teachers, staff, and other people in the industry mention names of some of the biggest engineers but, majority of the time they don't actually know who they are. At tonights meeting students were able to learn about some of the biggest names in the Audio Industry, and what they are most known for. Some of the Engineers we were spoke of were George Massenburg, Chris Lord Alge, Andrew Scheps, Frank Filipetti, Jimmy Douglas, Young Guru, Sylvia Massy, Justin Pizzoferrato, Tom Lord Alge, Eddie Cramer and many more. We also had guest speaker, CRAS's very own Scott Murray speak at the meeting. Scott has actually worked at the studio that Chris Lord Alge was a frequent client at, and was able to described his daily duties and what it was like to work in the studio where Chris was working. We also had a presentation by Jimmy Naron speaking about George Massenburg who was monumental in the industry and also wrote an essay to AES on parametric equalizers. Overall the meeting was very informative and everyone left learning a lot of information about some of the biggest engineering in the Audio Industry.

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