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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 26, 2013

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At tonights meetings students were able to learn about how to plan for their future internship. Many student believe that they can get any internship they desire straight out of CRAS, forgetting to realize that they need to factor in cost of living, gas prices, taxes, transportation & internship availabilities in the area they plan on going to.

Students were able to say the place they're planning on interning and we were able to tell them the average prices of living in those areas. They also learned a bunch of ways to save money, such as not smoking or drinking & eating less fast food. After this we open the floor to a Q&A with Greg Stefus who helped guide students into the best places to go for the specific field they wish to get into. Some of the main places to go to are L.A., Nashville, New York and Atlanta.

A lot of student assume they are going to get the job they want right after school not realizing that they have to work for it, some students may even intern for years before getting hired on. Some times those jobs belong to unions which do not accept interns, leaving choices to be limited. Overall the night was fun and full of information. Everyone who had questions or uncertainties on their plans for their future internship was able to leaving know what they need to do in order to be the most successful student they can be.

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