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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 19, 2013

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At todays meeting students were able to learn how to create there own beats with Neight Hardman, and also learn how to program those samples into an MPC. The goal of the night was to be able to create your own sounds with any given device and arrange them as though they were sampled from an actual instrument.

Neight also showed students how to create there own compact microphone and record samples from using its unique sounds. To create this microphone you need a piezo disk, wires and a TS connector. After this students broke up into multiple groups each group was given the task to create a sound from random objects that was similar to that of a drum kit (Kick, Snare, High Hat, etc.). Everyone's ideas were so creative, from recording the kick drum in the bathroom, to blowing incorrectly into a trumpet for snare bottom, all the way to recording a soda machine. We then edited our samples, and uploaded them to the MPC.

From there Neight taught different features of the MCP, and how to program our samples into it. At the end of the night we had created an awesome song, and all left with a ton of knowledge!

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