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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 12, 2013

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At tonights meeting CRAS AES hosted a DJ Clinic where students were given the opportunity to learn the history of the Disc Jockey and watch DJ Strech, a CRAS student, perform. The first Djs' students we learned about were Ray Neway (the first radio DJ), Klaus Quirini "DJ Heinrich" (the first dance haunt), Jamaica, who developed the first sound systems in 1950 & DJ Kool Herc "Father of Hiphop", who discovered the Merry Go Round and so many more! Some of the present Disc Jockeys we learned about were DJs Keoki, Roni Size "Godfather of Drum & Bass" who hosts Dj parties with orchestras, DeadMau5, Skrillex, Skream & Benga. Then we had an interview with DJ Strech who has been spinning since he was 13, starting off at clubs, balls, dances, & firehalls. Strech explained to students how the modern DJ has it easy because back in the day you used to have to carry around a lot of equipment since your vinyl records were your music. Most modern DJ rigs run off flash media which is so much more convenient then carrying a bunch of vinyls from gig to gig. Strech said in order to be a good DJ you have to know your music and the crowd so you can keep them entertained. After this Strech began his presentation by scratching a number of songs on vinyl. Student TJ Hall then got the opportunity to express his talents by freestyling over stretch's instrumental beats. To close the event Dj Jimmy Naron got to mix some of his old style beats, and show AES students what he can do! Overall the event was a lot of fun and everyone learned so much in a exciting way!

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