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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 25, 2013

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At todays event we had Total Sound Productions come in to test new equipment from D&B Audiotechnik. In this event students were able to get hands on and learn how to take down the line array at CRAS and how to put up D&B Audiotechnic's new line array. Setting up was a success. From there students got to learn how Smaart 7 works and see how delays are added to make everything in phase/polarity with each other. This was a great learning experience for not just the students but for Total Sound Productions as well because this was there first time flying their new D&B Audiotechnik gear and shooting the set up with Smaart 7. After this 80's cover band Sylence came in and students helped them load in and set up. After an amazing performance by Sylence students helped tear down everything and set back up CRAS's line array. Overall this was a very successful event, everyone who attended left with a lot of knowledge and experience in live sound!

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