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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 10, 2013

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Eric Smith, the Founder and President of Auralex came to the conservatory to talk to us about room acoustics and their sonic characteristics. He also brought along some awesome products; MoPads, Audio Engineers Pack, Aural-Xpanders, ProPads, Gramma Riser and a few other signature products to giveaway to a few lucky students. He started out by telling us a little bit about himself. Eric became a drummer at age 6, by age ten he was offered a position to be a touring drummer to which his parents declined and by age 12 he was giving paid drum lessons. He attended college at Butler University where he was the drummer for the swing choir. His original major law to be an attorney but he switched his major to Radio/Tv Broadcasting and began DJing eventually getting a position at WNAP. He has DJ'd many noteworthy events and was offered to chance to spin in some of New York's hottest spots. He started Auralex out of his garage and has built it into what it is today. A Multi-Million International Company. Some of his current projects are; A 30,000 sq foot facility for Snoop Dogg, Redoing a control room for Adrian Belew, A control room for Interscope, A tracking room for Michael Boddicker and many more. Some of his clients include; Blue Microphones, Mick Guzauski, 1500 or Nothin' Peter Erskins, Daryl Hall and Ed Victor just to name a few. Auralex Acoustic 101 manual has been used by many and is highly regarded as the Room Acoustics Bible. It has been used as a teaching guide by Roger Nichols. During Eric's seminar he addressed the placement of loud speakers, the 3 room modes; axial, tangential and oblique, how to trouble shoot a room and what to do once we figure out our problem areas. Eric Smith's presentation was extremely informative and helpful and we are sincerely grateful that he came to visit us here at CRAS. For all that attended it will provide a leg up in making our control rooms, controlled rooms.

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