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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - August 7, 2013

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We discussed Nikola Tesla whose ideas, theories, inventions and studies laid the foundation for many products that we use today. A power point presentation presented by Jimmy Naron opened our minds and sparked our interests into just who is/was Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla born July 10, 1856 lived in Croatia but was Serbian Nationality. He started inventing and experimenting with science at a very early age by rubbing two cats together to generate electricity and jumping off a barn with an umbrella with hopes to fly. He migrated to the U.S. June 6, 1884 with nothing more than a few pennies and a letter of recommendation to Thomas Edison which read; "I know two great men and you are one of them, this young man is the other one". He went to work foe Edison who promised Tesla fifty thousand dollars but when the work was completed he didn't pay up. Edison found Tesla to be more of a threat so he had him digging ditches but along comes George Westinghouse who believed Tesla's A/C power was the future so he purchased Tesla's patents and funded his operations. Tesla has many great inventions including the A/C Induction Motor which is considered to be one of the ten greatest discoveries of all time. Some of his other inventions were; Vacuum Tubes, Robots, Laser Tech, Radar, Spark Plugs, Remote Controls, X-Rays, Wireless Com, Radio and of course the Tesla Coil. Tesla wanted to provide free, wireless electricity for the entire world and had he had more time on this Earth he may just have succeeded and accomplished that goal. All that is left of Tesla in the U.S. is an Historic Marker on the side of the road in Colorado Springs but evidence of this great man is all around us.

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