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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 31, 2013

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Tonight we had Q-N-A with Adam Parrish of PRG. He came to the Conservatory with a recent CRAS grad, Jessica Graf, who got the intern position with PRG shortly after her time on campus. There were about twenty-five students present and each had to write down two questions to present to Adam who promised to do his best to answer every question as thoroughly as possible. Some of the questions he was presented with were: What is PRG? What does PRG do? How do I intern with PRG? Are they paid interns? Where is PRG located? How long has PRG been in business? as well as gear and operations questions such as; what is the most important component of live sound? How many speakers and amps did he bring to CRAS with him? How much power does it take to run it all? and someone even asked "Why does it have to be so loud?". Adam answered all these questions and some along with giving us priceless information and knowledge into the live sound industry such as; how to network in the industry, what to expect in the industry, the realities of the industry and the benefits of beginning a career in the industry. The meeting lasted well over a few hours and even after the meeting ended Adam stayed behind and answered even more questions of the few and faithful that took full advantage of the time PRG was going to be here. On behalf of AES we would like to that Adam Parrish and PRG for coming to CRAS and sharing their knowledge, experience, expertise and guidance with us and, oh yeah...their TOYS!!

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