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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - July 10, 2013

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Sunday August 4th the tube optical compressor build will be happening. It will
cost the students 845 dollars. The students will be building their own tube optical compressor kits, with the help of Jeff Thomas here at the Conservatory of recording arts and sciences.

We would like to talk to Jason Losett about how, we could take the precautions. or how we could take more outside of school ?eld trips to a studio, or home studio to make it more interesting. The internship bootcamp is happening on the 25th of July at the Gilbert campus all students are invited.

This should be a good opportunity for students to experience what a real life situation should be like.Every week we will have something planned out, and try to get more students involved. We will be making posters for every AES for the weekly meetings so students will be able to see what is happening on a weekly basis.

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