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Japan - August 25, 2012

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Japan Section has planned to hold held annually an annual tutorial seminar on acoustics for students and young engineers since 2010. The seminar is going to be one of the important annual events Japan Section will hold. ?The contents covered wide areas of acoustic theories ,which should be usually learned in universities as a special knowledge expertise. Because Since attendees include students who are not necessarily familiar with mathematics and physics, theories referred to in the seminar were translated into simple stories with fewer equations, and the lecturers' explanation was in plain terms.
The 3rd annual seminar was a third-year event for the Japan section, and was conducted using two lecture rooms to accommodate two days of as many as 11 classes. expand its content, 11 classes, and periods in this year.
A total of 42 people including 16 students attended the seminar, and they evaluated it as "great satisfaction" according to the questionnaires collected after the seminar.
•The titles of the lectures on the first day were as follows. ??[1st day] 9:00 — 17:45, August 25th

Lecture Room A?1. Technical Writing in English (Bike H. Suzuki)
2. Stereophonic Recording (Toru Kamekawa)
3. Room Acoustics (Masataka Nakahara)

Lecture Room B
1. Basic Properties of Sound (Kazuma Hoshi)
2. Electroacoustics (Yoshitaka Tamura)?3. Psychoacoustical Experiments (Atsushi Marui) ?

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