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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - May 29, 2013

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Nicholas firstly mentioned the reschedule of the drum tuning clinic with Ike. We talked about some ideas we had with everyone at the meeting and described what atmos to all newer cycle students and how we wanted to have a field trip to see the atmos theater in Tempe as an unofficial AES event, we then talked about a possible sub kick build that we want to do once everyone has bought a set of speakers, talked about a possible la2a build that would be held by Jeff Thomas, I talked to Jeff personally and he said It would be within the next couple weeks. Lastly we talked about the cras DI build and the re-amp build which the dates are still up in the air. After all the discussion of events, we discussed possible sessions people can attend and sit in on and help with during the next couple weeks. Lastly we talked about the API vision console that I had just been reading about and also the API 1608 mid format console. On a last note we asked every one where they were planning on going after everyone they leave CRAS, they talked about where they wanted to go and why. The meeting was the adjourned after everyone gave there answers.

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