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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - June 5, 2013

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We discussed the possibility of doing an internship boot camp. Which would consist of

hands on experience to show the reality side of how the internship will possibly be, to

prepare Engineers for the unexpected things.

Possibly brainstorming a way to create our own version or manual for the SSL. This

would help out for troubleshooting and things of that sort.

Comparing the differences between Fender ampli?ers, and Marshals. How they are

different, from one another and what applications they can be used for in the studio or

live setting.

Discussing matters or differences and advantages/ disadvantages of the Neotek, API,

and SSL. What consoles are good for mixing, or tracking, with the new cycle 1


The price ranges of patch bays, to hook up or do it yourself, was talked about. We

discussed how to budget and why it is so important to have it installed the correct way

We talked about how to make your very own sub kick. How cheap it is to invest in a

speaker and just make it your own microphone, a lot of options also come up with this


Some students are getting together on their free time to work on a very nice La2a

compressor build. We discussed how these beautiful compressors are used in almost

every studio today in some way shape or form.

Nick is thinking about taking an AES ?eld trip to the Atmos theatre. to expiernce the

amazing surround sound system in person, and if possible get a tour of the set up.

To top the meeting off we discussed good studying habbits, with the cycle one students.

Told them to use their resources and genius ?les as well. And most importantly to work

together as a team, and if they had questions to just ask a friend.

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