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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - March 6, 2013

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Notes: The meeting started with a mic shoot off between a SM57 that had been in
action for quite some time verse one that was fresh out the box. The two mics were
checked against each other. Frequency response and polarity were compared. We
came to the conclusion that both microphones old and new were running tip top. The up
coming ribbon build was brought to attention. Also gearing folks up for the DI box build
this month. Then we asked for people to participate in a test the company Studer has
going on with their Vista series consoles. The time is coming soon to elect a new
secretary. We put it out there to whom that may interest and the proper channels
needed to make that happen. Last was a another gear related presentation. Our fellow
classmate Nicholas Wylie brought in his custom built mini half stack. Nicholas
constucted from scratch a 7 watt head with speaker included. He took us through what
inspired him to build it and how the process went.

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