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Argentina - November 27, 2012

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AES Argentina sessions at Estudio Urbano's Conectar 2012
November 27th, 28th and 29th.

Natalia Sotelo: "Soundtracks for animation movies".

From the very first experiments till the realization of Disney's Fantasy, Natalia went through the development of soundtracks both in the technical and the expressive, showing how the need to convey human emotions extended sonic vocabulary as much as the new technologies. This was supported by examples and extracts taken for the works by Georges Melies, the Fischers, Norman McLaren, and Disney, to new a few.
Assistants to Natalia's class, among which a few composers and sound designers could be found, were greatly surprised by the rich history of soundtrack music and the enormous inventive of its pioneers.

Ezequiel Morfi: "The Imprint in Mastering"

A workshop spawning two hours, Ezequiel Morfi spoke to an audience who was able to audition several different versions of the very same song: whether mastered for CD, mastered for vinyl, remastered for a compilation or for an anniversary edition. Talk back and forth between Ezequiel and the crowd gave way to an analysis of how the mastering process can leave a particular imprint in a song, as shown and heard by tracks mastered 30 years ago and then remastered more recently. Songs by The Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Oasis and Yes were played back. To top this off, the presentation ended in some technical questions and the classic queries about the process of mastering, all which were discussed by the keynote speaker.

Indio Gauvron: "Pocket Handbook for Home Recording"

Indio went on about the various topics related to bedroom tracking, from the use of microphones and their components - explaining the purpouse of their application in the different situations - to the monitoring of sound in uncontrolled environments. Based on former research AES journals related to topics such as sample rate and bit rate, he made a point in submerging the audience into the experience of listening to an orchestral fragment with varying bit rate distortion, from the most apparent to the nearly imperceptible. Another experiment included real time measurement using Smaart technology; in this approach Indio demonstrated that small household items (such as clothes or a wooden board) could modify the frequency response of a room without the need to apply an equalization process to the audio signal.

CONECTAR Festival - December 1st and 2nd

Part of Estudio Urbano's CONECTAR Festival, held on December 1st and 2nd at Parque Centenario in Buenos Aires, the annual trade show brings together all the institutions that accompany, support and participate in Estudio Urbano's activities throughout the year.
The fair offers a space for interaction among visitors as well as live performances from the indie bands who took part in Estudio Urbano's music programmes.
For several years has the AES Argentina Section been present at the fair, so that attendees can learn about our activities during the year and realize how they can become AES members, establishing a place of encounter for all those who have been with us in the past and those who want to get close to the Society by supporting our initiatives.

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