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Argentina - December 18, 2012

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As a closing event for this year, and crowning the end of this 2012, on the 18th of December took place the 5th Congress on "Sound and Recording" organized by AES Argentina together with ECOS School of Sound. The location was the National University of Technology (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional), based in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.

This whole day included different lectures. Néstor Stazzoni explained the "Advantages of digital consoles over analogical consoles", a talk which ranged from characteristics, temporal walkthrough, demonstrations and practical activities in the auditorium. Néstor is currently a Sound Sysems Operator and Designer with a long-term experience on the field.

Dr. R. Alejandro Barés, Lawyer, Sound Engineer and UTRA's (Argentina's Union of Technicians) Representative, gave a talk about the "Technician's juridical regulatory framework: Aftertaste of our activity's relaxation: actuality. The importance of a Union, a profession's acknowledgment." He went over concepts, historical processes, and the current problematic in the technical field for the legal regularization of this activity in all its disciplines.

Afterwards, Esteban Freier introduced us to the secrets of "Monitoring Systems Adjustments", including topics such as systems' gain structure, application and exploitation of polar diagrams from both microphones and sound sources and non-abusive use of processors such as equalizers, to avoid acoustic feedback and frequency response of on-stage monitoring systems. Esteban is both PA and Monitor Sound Engineer and an 18-year-experienced teacher at EMBA School of Sound.

Later on, Hernán Nupieri, Freelance Sound Systems Mounting Engineer, showed us the world of controllers and processors for live sound system's adjustment an alignment: "Sound Processors". From filters' topologies, protocols, phase alignment, peak and RMS limiters to up-to-date brands and products, and advantages and disadvantages, everything was included in this lecture.

Esteban Frangoudis, a student from ECOS, gave a lecture on "Audio Electronics" about the selection of components and design of high performance audio equipments. This lecture came from a subject's assignment: to build a parametric equalizer. The attendants to the Congress were able to use and listen to it.

Last but not least, as a closure to this Event, Gustavo Baldrati (teacher at ECOS and musical producer in BALDRATI MUSICA) and students from the Recording Career, showed some self-recorded and produced material, as well as professional recording in: "Artistic Production", with questions and comments from the audience.

We sincerely thank: the speakers who enlightened us with their knowledge in a humble yet graceful way; ECOS School of Sound; and AES Argentina's members Natalia Sotelo and Ezequiel Nakasone, who managed to carry through such an Event.

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