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Mexico - November 13, 2012

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An interesting 2.5 hr conference on how Keyboardist/musicologist Tom Beghin, record producer Martha de Francisco, and virtual acoustics architect Wieslaw Woszczyk have joined to apply VIRTUAL ACOUSTICS for the first time to a commercial recording of large magnitude: a complete recording of Haydn's works for solo keyboard. More than fourteen hours of music are performed in nine "virtual rooms." These are actual rooms where Haydn or a typical player of his keyboard music would have performed. They have been acoustically sampled, electronically mapped, then precisely recreated in the recording studio. Featured rooms range from the most private to the most public, from Haydn's own study in his Eisenstadt home to the Holywell Music Room in Oxford, England.
Our AES Members in Mexico had the unique and valuable opportunity to get the complete production details directly from Martha De Francisco; the conference had a even extra value due to the great chance to count with the support from Astro LX studio and its head engineer Jaime Baksht.
Martha gave all the details and explained the process of the production on how virtual acoustics is applied, our members had the chance to watch and listen in 5.1 the result of such production.
It was clear how the talent of the people involved in the project in how to apply technology to bring music into the present, but as it was played more than 100 years ago.

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