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University of New Haven - November 7, 2012

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Susan Schmidt horning 4:30 moltin lounge
Thursday Dodds lobby concert flamenco show 7 o'clock
llc students have priority for food
Friday Mary from new York - film and tele cimposer also engineer
very heavily involved in industry
Next Wednesday Greg cal by mastering engineer will be coming
Paul Simons Graceland
Bon iver , many more
Seniors looking for band to record talk to miss Ashley fox
Friday enhanced student visit day
- at 11:30 am
December 1st doesn't work as date for firehouse need a new date
Maybe junglecity - still interested in having us come down
Charter oak still wants to come and talk possibly January
Soldering needs to be ordered
Discussion about conference:
Acoustics for small rooms
Live sound - whole rig is wireless, uses Ethernet cables
Panel of live sound for jazz - learned miking techniques used for jazz
Aes - a lot more educational events helping students
Start planning events that pull in the students in the new England area
—University of Hartford
Most of the presentations are up on website
1st mix contest - up on drop box on Facebook page to dropbox
Mclovins recorded at the German club
Submit to dj in 2 weeks
Pair of akg headphones
Winner announced on the 27th

Snare shootout November 27th
Mixes: Alex gelles

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