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University of New Haven - September 4, 2012

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AES Meeting Minutes 9.4.12

- Update: Everyone should join Audio Engineering Society on insideUNH to become an official member of the club
- Student activities tab —> Recognized student organizations --> Audio engineering society —> Ask to join

- Miscellaneous request for AES Convention (San Francisco) is in
- Waiting for budget committee to form and meet
- Budget committee elections are next week

- Fundraisers for San Francisco trip:
- Thursday 9/13— Gimme Pizza Sale @ Maxcy Shuttle 10pm - 2pm
- Sunday 9/16 — Pancake delivery @ UNH campus, Xtra for chocolate chips 9pm-12am

- Cable building/selling fundraiser will happen in the upcoming weeks
- waiting on approval for the credit card authorization form

- 9/7 MEISA show in the quad
- set up at 2:30, music @ 4
- 9/8 MEISA mock show in the German Club - 2pm
- MEISA Meeting tomorrow night (Wednesday) in Bartels meeting rooms A&B @ 6:15pm

- We may be getting some new gear for the German Club
~$3k from special events allocated

- Engineers from Jungle City Studios may be coming to speak, thanks to Pierce

We need your input on the following:
- Topics for speakers
- Speakers
- Ideas for workshops
- Discussion topics

- We learned basic studio etiquette (i.e. how to wrap cables, set up mic stands, etc), discussed different microphones and their applications, and discussed basic mic placement for both live and studio environments

There are several concerts in Dodds that will require students to help out with sound:
- Jazz concert series
- Student ensembles concerts
Talk to Gui for more info about these events.

Thanks for coming to the meeting.

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