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University of New Haven - September 6, 2012

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AES 9/18/12 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order — 5:52pm

• October 2nd confirmed Justin's Uncle coming to talk. He is involved with the MP3 codec and does a lot of coding for audio devices.

• November 9th chirs friend who does film scoring (co-sponsoring with Meisa and music LLC) going to talk about business aspect and composition process in Alumni Lounge.

• Anybody else that you guys want to see come and speak email DJ.

• Applications are up for AES trip to San Francisco up until 11:59PM Thursday night.
o Open to everybody.
o -If not already a member about 140 if member 100
o -Flight hotel and some food will be covered by university
o Pick Friday morning who gets to go.
• Sessions are up in Studio B the mock show and BSAC show are up there. Still trying to figure out cloud space issue.
• Friday Night Lights this Friday

Events Committee:
• Sunday fundraiser went really well made 295.00. Going to have another pancake fundraiser September30th.
• Flyer changed to text it to Ashley or write on facebook page.

Daily Events:

• Aricula Ear Training
o Ear training exercise to help students identify certain frequencies by use of different exercises.

• Studio B Signal Flow
o Show how signal gets set to pro tools in the senior suite, also how to work with headphones work and working more with EQ's since we talked about it last week and want a more visual explination of how eq's work.

• Mix Presentation
o Wyatt — Soundscape
o Alex — Rock song

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