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Swiss - May 10, 2012

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Around 70 people gathered for this half-day meeting in the RTS premises in Geneva. This meeting was organized by the SGA-SSA, SFA and Swiss AES section.

The presentations were about different ways of grasping and using 3D Audio methods and implementations.

The schedule began with the presentation of Rozen Nicol (Orange Lab) who made an introduction on 3D Audio. She reviewed various domains using 3D Audio as well as different theories put into practices.

Andreas Walther (EPFL) carried on with a speech about the perceptive effects related to loudspeaker 3D reproduction. He talked also about 3D Audio description possibilities.

The next presentation, carried out by Charles Verron (Inra), was about interactive sound synthesis in the domain of virtual reality.

Ramon de Marco (Idee und Klang) spoke then about "acoustimatic" room orchestration and Beat Hohmann (Suva) closed the first part with the presentation of a project called "Audio 3D am Tag gegen Lärm 2012".
The second part began with the presentation of Etienne Corteel (Sonic emotion). The subject was about 2D and 3D spatialized sound system using wave field synthesis.

The meeting went on with the presentation of Clemens Kuhn-Rahloff (Gartenmann Eng. ag) about the optimization of announcement systems according to spatial criteria.

And finally, Terry Nelson (Studio Equipment) spoke about the 3D Audio in cinema domain. After explaining the history of 3D sound in cinema, he discussed about the 3D audio trends, i.e. a life style effect or a necessity...

The meeting closed with a discussion about the 5.1 format used in broadcasting. Patrick Boehm (RTS), our day's host, chaired this presentation.

The day concluded with a nice aperitif dinner served in the RTS premises.

The Swiss AES section would like to thank warmly Mr Hervé Lissek (SGA/SSA) for the co-organization of this very interesting event, as well as Mr Patrick Boehm for his warm welcome in the RTS premises.

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