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Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences - September 26, 2012

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Nancy was at the meeting, we discussed the scheduling for the Mobile/Live
Recording Clinic. The date for this is Thursday, October 25th. Paul Richards, Jason

Robey, and Nancy. Explaining what the clinic will consist of: Talking about
experience, gear that would be needed. Probably 8pm.

The music seminar with Nancy, is October 10th. She is bringing in a friend to talk to
us. He writes music for TV, movies, etc. His company name is Blazed Out Music.

Asking that the students email her questions that they would like to ask him during

the seminar, so they know which way to steer the seminar.

The possibility of bringing in one of Nancy's friends that sells music for placement,
to talk to the students.

Possible ?eld trip to the anechoic chamber at ASU.

Possible ?eld trip to the musical instrument museum. As around, to see who may

know someone that works at the museum and can maybe help us out.

Ask to see if we would possibly be able to set up a trip to the AES Conference in
October. Obviously might be hard to pull off because people may have classes or

certi?cations they need to do during that time.

Possibility of building a sub-kick. (Jeff Thomas)

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