About Yahoo! Groups and PNW AES

We use Yahoo! Groups to manage our email list, and to send group emails out. Our group is private, and the only use for it is to send notifications to our members. No one else has access to it. You can visit the group homepage, but you will not have access to any message traffic unless you are a group member. Posting is turned off, so message traffic is one-way, outbound only.

To Join

Do one of these things:


If you're nervous about Yahoo!, then consider creating a special email account that would receive any spam that originated to Yahoo!. For what it's worth, there have been no instances of spamming or other bad behavior reported by anyone on our mailing list. Since the list is closed to posting except by the moderators, outsiders cannot spam the list.

Managing your subscription

At the right-hand side of the Group Home Page, there is an area titled 'Group Email Addresses' that lists addresses you can use to do various things: Posting (turned off), Subscribe, Unsubscribe, and List owner.

Be sure to choose the "individual email" option. There isn't that much list traffic, and waiting for enough traffic to make up a digest will result in your missing the meeeting announcements.


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