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Meeting held Saturday, January 28, 2012 At the Old Firehouse Teen Center in Redmond, WA

AES PNW Section Meeting Report
Open Source Tools for FFT Analysis
JJ Johnston — Consultant
Steve Hastings — DTS Inc.
Bob Smith — Physio Control
Dan Mortensen — Dansound Inc.

96k mp3 32k mp3
Part A (45M mp3) 
Part B (60M mp3) 
Part C (44M mp3) 
Part D (62M mp3) 
Part A (15M mp3) 
Part B (20M mp3) 
Part C (14.5M mp3) 
Part D (20.7M mp3) 

Pictures to come

Meeting content to come.

Scripts (for Octave)

crunch2.m (crunch.m with comments) 
crunch3.m (different than crunch.m) 
crunch3a.m (different than the others, written on the fly at the meeting) 


swisha.wav (1MB wav file) 

Powerpoint Decks (pptx)

acoustic measuring systems 101 (over 4MB, revised 1/25/12) 
fft (revised 1/26/12) 
Note: ppt files for older versions of PowerPoint are available on request.


These zipfiles contain all of the above files in one, easy to download, wrapper.

download all powerpoint decks (4+ MB) 

download all other files (750KB) 

Meeting Audio

The links for the audio recordings of the meeting are at the top of this webpage.


You can view the site for Octave at:  and from that page, you can find the download site and download the version appropriate for your machine.

The manual can be found at: 

Audacity can be found at: 

The wikipedia list of free audio software: 

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