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Grinding Your Own Axe

It seemed like it would be a useful service if this part of the website were bidirectional. That is, the ability to list persons seeking employment as well as employers seeking employees. Effective immediately, AES PNW will accept postings from persons seeking employment. See the instruction posting link.

Posting Instructions (people looking as well as companies looking to post)

Posted October 22, 2019
Who? Greenbusch Group
What? Audio/Video Designer
Where? Seattle


The Greenbusch Group is an established 30-year old Audio/Video, Acoustics, and Mechanical Engineering consultancy based in Seattle, WA. Project types include Education, Corporate, Civic, and Transportation facilities throughout the US, with most projects focussed in the Pacific Northwest. Please visit our website at www.greenbusch.com.

We are seeking a Designer to join our Audio/Video Design team. The position will be based in Seattle, and is available immediately. This is a permanent-full-time position.

The Details

Refer to our job requirement, at the following link: 2019_av_designer_ad

There are other positions listed at their web page.

Posted October 9, 2019
Who? Symetrix
What? Senior Hardware Engineer
Where? Mountlake Terrace


Work in concert with Symetrix engineering group as well as outsources to continuously deliver innovative audio hardware and embedded software of the highest caliber to expand and improve the Symetrix product line.
This position reports to the Director of Engineering and Technology.

Required expertise:

More Information

PDF Job Description and contact info
Posted July 10, 2019
Who? AudioControl
What? Senior Design Engineer
Where? Mountlake Terrace


More Information

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Job Postings From Other AES Sections

Jobs board at AES HQ (AES membership required)  Los Angeles Section  San Francisco Section 

Other AES sections may have job postings. Search for their websites via the AES HQ website. You can also find job listings in the Journal (JAES), and in most of the audio trade magazines such as Mix, ProSound News, Sound & Communications, etc.

Posting Instructions: Job Reqs

If you want your job listing to appear here, then please submit it via If you use this service, and you fill the position, please let us know so we can take your listing down.

Job Postings

If you are an employer and have a position that our someone in our reader group might be able to fill, please submit it via If the position is filled, please let us know so we can remove the listing. Listings come down automatically in 2 months, unless you ask for more time.
Listings removed without notice after 60 days. Additional time may be requested.
If you fill the position, please let us know.

Posting Requirements

Your request for posting your job req MUST include the following information:
  1. Who is the employer? If you're a contract house or headhunter, then state that.
  2. Is the position full time, part time, contract, freelance, other?
  3. What tools/equipment are expected to be supplied by the person being hired?
  4. If this is a contract or freelance job, is there any liability insurance or workmans comp provided?
  5. If not full time, what are the expected hours of employment?
  6. If a contract position, what is the duration of the contract?

Positions Wanted

If you are job hunting and wish to announce your availability, you may do so here at no charge. There are a few caveats and conditions:
  1. To use this service, you must be an AES member. Membership needs to have its perks, this is one of them.
  2. Post only as much contact information as you are comfortable about giving out. Remember that this site is public, and spammers and other bad guys see it too. Consider getting a gmail address or something similar.
  3. In the interest of saving space, please keep your listing short and concise. Provide a link to a website if you want.
  4. Your listing is an ad, so it should tell someone who might want to hire you enough about you to make them want to contact you.
  5. Listings come down automatically in 4 months, unless you ask for more time.

To request a listing, contact PNW webmaster.

Disclaimer We (AES PNW Section) provide this service in the spirit of providing a bulletin board in a public space. Aside from posting what people send us to post, we do not perform any verification of the information supplied. That is part of the due-dilligence performed by either party during the hiring/search process. There are no warranties of any sort granted or implied.

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